Monday, April 21, 2014

Training 4/21-4/27- Race week

4/21- Plan is a speed session this evening.  I may be a bit sore 2 days after a hard long run but I think I can fight through it.  The  race is the Blue Ridge Half in Roanoke, Virginia on Saturday.  I'm training through because this is not a goal race.  Just a glorified training run to pick up Virginia and see my parents.

PM- Was not up for a speed session.  That's okay.  I don't mind putting it off a day.  Workout was Canterbury-Jemison 5 in a time of 38:30 (7:42 pace).  Very sluggish early but improved as the run progressed.  Splits were 19:24-19:06.  Just a bit off form.  It may be delayed onset soreness 2 days after a hard long run but this does not feel like natural fatigue.  Lack of flexibility is often a tell tale sign.  I will first try cutting back on the Thym-Adren and if that won't work, I will reduce the moly.  Nothing radical.  Just a small tweak should do it.
Grade:B-/1 credit/distance=5.0

4/22- Once again, I was not up for a speed session.  Cutting the Thym-Adren was not the answer.  It's got to be the moly.  Still, it was encouraging that taking 5 instead of my usual 6 did not make any difference.  In fact, I was slightly faster today with a Gold's 5 in a time of 38:14 (7:39 pace) but that's not enough to be considered significant.  Splits were pretty even at 19:04/19:10 so nothing really to gripe about but again, I would have been weak in a tempo.  Increasing the moly from 2 pills to 3 was a mistake but that's a 50% increase so some sensitivity can be expected.  No penalty today but I've got to double up tomorrow.
EDIT:  Big congrats to Meb on the win at Boston.  Some day, I will get there too.
Grade:B-/1 credit/distance=5.0

4/23- AM- Improvement.  Not all the way back to form but it's only the first day back on 2 moly pills.  Lakeshore 6.5 with the Gnomes plus a cool.  Aimed to run the first 4 @ 7:30 then the last 2.5 @ 7:00.  I was 5 ticks fast on the first 4 but 3 ticks slow on the back end.  Overall time was 47:17 for 6.5 (7:17 pace).  This was significantly better than the last 2 days so I get no worse than a "B" even if the PM session is weak.

PM Could not hack it in a speed session AGAIN!  Not pleased.  Did not even try because I knew before I started that I was weak.  Managed just 3 miles in 23:47 (7:56 pace).  VERY lenient grade today.  I can win with a "B+" on race day.
Grade:B/3 credits/distance=10.0

4/24- Planned rest day.  Feel better than yesterday but I clearly need 2 moly pills.  Neither more nor less.  That makes me feel uneasy but it is attacking the root of the problem, which is copper and liver issues, the source of the instability.  On the other hand, it seems like I can cheat a little with the Cal/Mag and the Thym-Adren and get away with it.  Junk run on tap tomorrow.  Should end up with about 35 miles this week.  Leaving for Roanoke just after 4PM central.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Molydenum Reviews. (lowering copper w/ history of adrenal fatigue)

Here's where I stand without taking action to reduce the toxic copper levels:
  I am fighting a 2 front war again.  Perhaps the hair test should list the sodium or potassium/copper level as well as the zinc/copper.  In short, when the fast oxidation dominates, I don't feel any effects of the copper toxicity but will be very over-stimulated and anxious.  When the copper toxicity dominates, fatigue sets in and I actually feel worse despite the fact that my oxidation rate is trending toward balance.  Also, it seems that the Thym-Adren, which I need to balance my oxidation rate, has the effect of increasing copper retention in the tissues.  That's not confirmed but I strongly suspect it based on what's happening.

I may have small windows of time in which both imbalances cancel each other out and I can run well.  In fact, my recent sub-20 5K was done in that state.  However, those days are rare and my performances are very unpredictable and inconsistent.  I could be content with being a 1:35 or even a 1:40 half marathoner if I could do it consistently.  Sure, it's disheartening to regress but I could still enjoy the running community as well as travel to destination races.  However, when the modulator failed, that's out the window.  It's all or nothing now.  Either I will live up to my potential and be consistently sub-1:30 with a best below 1:25 or I will remain where I am and eventually settle for being a casual jogger.

How did I get to this point?
I have a history of adrenal fatigue, which progressed to Stage 3C.  I had a 1.4 Na/K ratio and severely low neurotransmitter adrenaline levels.  I did not do a saliva cortisol test until I recovered but I'm sure it would have been bad if I did it at my lowest point.  Thanks to the hair and neurotransmitter protocol, I escaped adrenal fatigue in 2008 but it left lasting damage.  Poor adrenal function puts tremendous stress on the liver and kidneys.  Is it linked to chemical sensitivity?  HELL YEAH!  The liver is the central processing unit for nutrients and patients with adrenal fatigue usually see depleted levels of ceruloplasmin, a key liver protein responsible for carrying copper.  Despite the fact that my adrenal function leaped into overdrive, my liver remained in very bad shape.  I believe that copper read low on my hair test because it was stuck in my liver and did not reach the tissues.  After the Hulda Clark liver cleanse in December 2013, the excess copper was freed from the liver and dumped into the bloodstream and thus spilled into the tissues.

 The Thym-Adren plus the Cal/Mag thus far has not been effective at lowering the copper so I went with molybdenum, which is intended to lower excess copper by binding to it in the cells.  I ordered 2 products: Moly-Cu from EndoMet, which contains just 100 mcg of molybdenum along with black radish and kelp.
I also ordered a plain molybdenum at 500 mcg from Douglas Labs and vowed to try both.

The Moly-Cu arrived first after a so-so workout on Thursday (5@7:44).  I took 1 pill Thursday night and it didn't feel like a miracle but I did feel a slight increase in energy.  I responded the next morning with a 5:56 Mile then improved to 5:50 after an afternoon pill.  I followed that up with a quality long run (14@7:44).  You would expect that I would struggle the next day but I was stronger than I had been all week with a 5 miler at a comfortable 7:23 pace in warm and sunny conditions.  This is a winner.

Plain moly:
I took 1 pill Monday morning.  Sometimes when I experiment,  I get an immediate negative reaction.  That did not happen here but I did feel a bit too stimulated.  I tried a 3 mile tempo and was out pretty well for the first 2 minutes but the over-stimulation set in before the half mile mark.  That told me enough and I just jogged another 2 miles.  I was slightly worse in the afternoon.  This is a NO for me but it may be effective for slow oxidizers or those with extreme high copper levels.

6 Thym-Adren, 1 Cal, 750 mg. Mag, 2 Moly-Cu.
All or nothing!
In order to confirm all of this, I intend to do a serum copper, plasma zinc and ceruloplasmin blood test

Training 4/14-4/20

4/14- AM-  Took the heavy dose of moly and it was a bad call.  Oh well, I had to try it out.  I wanted to do a 3 mile tempo and I was out well but it quickly became apparent that I was over-stimulated.  Passed half mile in 3:17 fading fast then walked for minute and turned it into an easy run.  Did the next 2 miles at a steady 7:45 pace for an overall moving time of 18:50 for 2.5 miles (7:32 pace).

PM- No improvement over the morning session.  In fact, I was slightly worse.  3 miles in 23:46 (7:55 pace) plus a glacial cool down.  Started out in the low 7:50s and could not pick it up but did not slow down too much either.  The 500 mcg of moly is too much.  That leaves me with one option (Moly-Cu).  It's all or nothing now.
Grade:C-/1 credit/distance=6.0

4/15- Gold's 5 in 37:46 (7:33 pace).  Faded.  1st 2 miles were both a comfortable 7:25 then the calf muscles started to tighten up.  It was a gradual fade to 7:45 by Mile 5 but not a collapse.  Solid improvement over yesterday but a bit of a letdown.  I may need to cut the moly.  Once the excess copper is gone, the fast oxidation kicks in hard and it will be all Thym-Adren.  We shall see what happens but it will be no more than 200 mcg of moly.  I'll start with 1 tomorrow and see how I feel.  I'm really hoping to get up for a morning workout.  It will be freezing cold so I'll be at Gold's.
Grade:B/1 credit/distance=5.0

4/16- AM.  Tried to see what I could do without the moly and the answer came quickly.  Half mile at tempo effort in a blazing 3:58.  That told me enough right there.  Popped a pill and ran a Mile at the same effort and improved to 6:34.  That's better but still not nearly good enough.  Took another moly shortly after I arrived at work and felt similar to yesterday (not terrible but overstimulated) and not up for a tempo.  Gotta be something missing.

PM- Went with an extra Cal pill to bring my Cal/Mag balance from a 2:3 back up to 1:1.  The over-stimulation faded quickly and if anything, I was a tad sluggish.  Trak Shak 5 in a solid 33:21 (6:40 pace).  This was my best 5 mile showing since Week 2.  Popped a 3rd moly after dinner and it's too soon to tell if it was a good call.  I've learned something big out of this.  The Cal seems to stabilize my system, which makes sense because it regulates cell membrane permeability.  With the extra Cal, I may have been okay on 500 mcg of moly but for the time being, I'd like to keep it at 200 or 300.
Grade:A-/2 credits/distance=7.0

4/17- Junk run.  First time on 3 moly pills.  Tried to run a hard mile and was on a 5:40-5:45 pace through 600 but my watch cut off.  I just cruised the next 6.5 laps and could tell that I was over-stimulated.  I tried extra Thym-Adren but it didn't help.  That's not the problem.  It's the low Cal and it will just take a few days for the adjusted dose to kick in.
Grade:Pass/0 credit/distance=2.0

4/18- Left work early on Good Friday and ran a strong 6 at Gold's in a time of 43:44 (7:17 pace).  Every mile was between 7:15-7:20.  I may have found the winning formula.  3 moly pills worked well.  I want to stick with 750 Cal but may bump it up to 1,000.  I only need a decent long run to win this week.
Grade:A/1 credit/distance=6.0

4/19- STRONG.  Lakeshore 15 in 1:52-flat (7:28 pace).  11 of 15 were 7:30 or below.  Fell asleep a bit in the 2nd leg but came back strong at the end.  Fastest mile of the day was #15 at 7:13 going slightly uphill.  Splits were 37:21-37:41-36:58.  Good job.  Need only a "D-" tomorrow to get a win this week.  The 2 Oceans marathon was today.  Some day I will make it down to Cape Town and run that one.
Grade:A-/2 credit/distance=15.0

4/20- Resurrection day.  Crestline 6 in 44:43 (7:27 pace).  On the day after a hard long run, I was able to match the pace.  Very good.  Sure, I could feel yesterday's effort but fought through it.  Route was Dexter-Euclid-Dexter, which was gently rolling most of the way.  Only negative was that I faded a bit on the back half (22:05-22:38) but the back leg of Euclid was mostly uphill and I allowed myself to relax a bit more.  When I am feeling well, this type of training pace is really NOT that hard.
Grade:A-/1 credit/distance=6.0

Weekly summary:
This may be the best overall week of the year.  Let's keep it up and finally get a winning streak going.  The moly is working and so is the extra Cal.  Thym-Adren dosage may be cut soon.  I believe my tissue sodium has dropped into the 50s now and the potassium is under 20.  Perhaps by the end of May, it will be on target at 30/10.  I am 4-4 since the hip injury.
Distance= 47.0/GPA= 27.2/8= 3.40
YTD: 500 miles.  Record: 6-9 with a 2.52 GPA

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Copper Toxicity Revisited

Let's go back to 2013 for now.  Here's where I was 12 months ago:
Taking the mega dose of Thym-Adren yielded nearly the full DV of copper and on its own, caused intolerable fatigue but if I didn't take it, my thyroid and adrenal rate would go into the stratosphere.  Fortunately, I found a fix.  EXACTLY 500 mg. of extra Vitamin C.  NEITHER MORE, NEITHER LESS.  Even a single extra dose, taken just ONCE would upset the fragile equilibrium.  That meant that METRX protein bars were on the forbidden list because they contained too much copper.  A bottle of OJ or other drinks with more than 100% DV of Vitamin C were also off limits.

Eventually, the chemical sensitivity became so severe that my system began to reject the very pills necessary to get into balance but I still had to adjust the C dose for the chemical sensitivity.  In my last half marathon in West Virginia last November, I had to reduce the Thym-Adren to the point in which I was only getting 60% DV of copper.  I was forced adjust the Vitamin C dosage by breaking open the capsule and taking approximately 300 mg.  I finished that race in a respectable time of 1:35:50 on limited training.  If I had taken the full 500 mg or an extra Thym-Adren pill, I would have struggled just to finish.

Thanks to the detox, I am no longer in this position.  YES, I am better off than I was 12 months ago despite the fact that my overall training record does not yet reflect it.  The source of my current issues is that the copper, which had been stuck in my liver before the detox, has now been dumped into my bloodstream and flooded my tissues and thus must be eliminated.  Most fast oxidizers are actually low in copper but my history of adrenal fatigue is likely the reason for the toxicity.  I showed signs of chemical sensitivity as far back as college.

Zinc and Vitamin C are 2 strong copper antagonists so I thought they would be helpful in reducing the excess.  Zinc never has worked well for me for reasons that I cannot fully explain.  I do know that it raises potassium, which is already high on my report and lowers chromium, which is always low.  Since the detox, Vitamin C has no longer worked well either.  I read an article from Dr. Wilson, which stated that Vitamin C can remove copper from the liver and dump it into the bloodstream, which is exactly what I do NOT need now.  So, why did it work so well before?  I'm not entirely sure so don't rely on this but perhaps it let just enough out of my liver to reach the other tissues.  It had read low on previous hair tests (usually 1.5ish) so if not for the C, it may have been closer to 1.0, which would have been a serious problem at the other end of the scale in the Zn/Cu ratio.  Selenium worked well for a few days then made me sick.  Manganese was trouble from the get go.

What I need now is not something that will release copper from the liver because I've already accomplished that with the detox.  Rather, I need something that will reduce its content in the tissues by binding to it.  Based on my research, the perfect solution is Molybdenum, which is supposedly very effective for that purpose.  I must be careful with it because too much can be toxic.  In theory, when used judiciously, it will work like a charm but will my system accept it?  If not, today's workout proved that I am not screwed if it doesn't work.  I'll have to stay on the modulator and my numbers likely won't change much.  As of now, my imbalances would be classified as "moderate" NOT severe.  If I stay on the modulator, my times will likely stabilize around 5:40/20/42/1:34ish.  That's certainly still respectable and I could still enjoy competing and traveling for destination races but it is disheartening to see myself regress by more than 20 ticks per mile across the board in such a short time.  The above times would be expected around age 43, not at 33.

The last question:  If my system does accept the Molybdenum and it is as effective as advertised, what happens then?  Will I finally live up to my potential in all areas of life or will another imbalance pop up?  If the answer is B, I vow to keep fighting but I will be greatly displeased.


Monday, April 7, 2014

Training 4/7-4/13

4/7- AM- 2 miles in 16:40 (8:20 pace).  Much improved over yesterday's debacle.  Even pace as well (8:18/8:22).  I expect to be better this afternoon.

PM- 4 miles at Gold's.  The GB-3 has arrived so it was the old "better with or better without" test.  Clocked a 15:25 for the first 2 miles then popped a pill and ran the next 2 in 15:41. Overall time was 31:06 for 4 miles (7:46 pace).  Slightly worse after taking it but a pace 8 seconds per mile slower is not enough to be considered significant.  Still, I'm leaving this out of my formula.  It seems as if it releases copper from the liver, which I already accomplished with the detox.  I really need the molybdenum because it is intended to reduce excess copper in the tissues by binding to it.  It should arrive by the end of the week.  In theory, it should work but whether or not my system will accept it is another matter.
Grade:C-/1 credit/distance=6.0

4/8- Took only the ADHS (modulator) plus the normal Cal/Mag and I was not half bad today.  5 miles on the hilly Canterbury-Jemison loop in a solid 37:30 (7:30 pace).  Standard issue workout was fine but I still would have been off in a tempo.
Grade:B+/1 credit/distance=5.0

4/9-  I can't believe it!  CRASHED AGAIN!  2.5 miles at the Shak in 22:02 (8:49 pace).  Should not have even tried to run today but I wanted to see how bad it would be.  I believe the ADHS was the culprit.  Instead of feeling fatigue like over the weekend, I feel overstimulated and anxious.  Good news is that it seems like I can go back to the Thym-Adren.  Without it, I am screwed.  The molybdenum has not arrived yet nor did I expect it today.  I'll probably have to wait until Friday.
Grade:None/0 credit/distance=2.5

4/10- AM.  2.5 miler at Gold's on my first full day back on the Thym-Adren.  Time was down to 19:37 (7:51 pace).  As expected, I am improving but for how long?

PM- Lakeshore 5 in 38:41 (7:44 pace) plus a warm.  Even splits (19:17-19:24) on a beautiful day weather wise.  Perfect sunny and 75.  Only complaint was diarrhea, which is probably related to copper elimination.  The molybdenum has arrived.  Since the modulator won't work, I won't stabilize in the mid-1:30s for a half mary.  It's all or nothing now.
Grade:B-/1 credit/distance=8.0

4/11- Spain Park Mile in 5:56.5.  Best time of the year.  20 years after my first sub-6 Mile, I can still do it.  Splits were 89-93-90-84.  I can't remember a serious attempt in a Mile with that much of a negative split (3:02-2:54).  Another nasty diarrhea attack before I started.  The moly is causing me to feel some stimulation, which is to be expected.  Plain moly may be better for me than the Moly-Cu that I'm currently taking.  Once, the copper elimination is complete, fast oxidation symptoms will kick in full force.  My tissue sodium is probably in the 60s now with a potassium in the low 20s, which is still quite high.  I'm aiming for 30 and 10 respectively. Moly does increase sodium but the copper elimination decreases it.  I hope that the Cal/Mag will keep the potassium stable.

PM- Impromptu Gold's Mile in 5:50.6 (2:57/2:53).  Tight turns hurt me a bit but I believe the distance is accurate.  Definitely feel different on the Moly but am wary of feeling too stimulated.
Grade:C+/2 credit/distance=2.5

4/12- BTC long run social.  I got there late and had to run solo but that's okay given how uncertain I was about how I'd do.  Finished 14 miles in 1:48:20 (7:44 pace).  Solid performance.  Felt sluggish, not stimulated.  Stimulation may kick in after a 2nd moly pill.  Ran the 8 and 5 route (tribute to Ochocinco).  Only Mile 1 was over 8:00.  Pace did vary a bit based on the terrain but most miles were 7:40ish.
Grade:B+/2 credits/distance=14.0

4/13- Lakeshore 5 in 36:56 (7:23 pace).  Finished up this one just before noon after going to church early.  It was getting warm at the end so I won't be able to run between 10-2 much longer.  Strong performance with even splits (18:23-18:33) with a bit of an uphill on the back half.  I get the minus only because of diarrhea but it was not as bad as earlier in the week.  Took 2 moly pills in the morning rather than divide the dose.  That seemed to help.  Dreamed that my apartment complex remained but my unit had disappeared and I was out walking all night looking for it.
Grade:A-/1 credit/distance=5.0

Weekly summary:
If there is ever a such thing as a "good" loss, this is it.  I really feel that help is on the way with the moly and I will be back to form by next month.  Mileage total is the highest of the year.
Distance=43.0/GPA= 22.6/8= 2.83
YTD: 453 miles.  Record: 5-9 with a 2.46 GPA

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring Road trips

Trip #1- Virginia (4/24-4/28).  I've been here countless times but never raced here at any distance.  That changes on the last weekend in April when I tackle America's Toughest Road Half Marathon on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Roanoke.  The course is so ridiculous that I have no time goal at all.  It's purely a training run.  In fact, there are 2 mountains that are so long and steep that I anticipate doing some walking.  The first comes from about Mile 1.0-3.5 then it's sharply downhill until Mile 6.  There's another monster from about Mile 7-9.5 that's not quite as steep but just as long.  It's back down from there but I'm sure there will be a few rollers thrown it.  All told, it has nearly 1,900 feet of climbs and 3,800 feet of total elevation changes.  Ouch!

 I chose this race for 3 reasons.  First, it's a manageable drive for my parents so I'll get to see them.  Second, it's really the only option in Virginia (State #19) for me that is can be driven.  It's about 8 hours from Birmingham so a race in Virginia Beach, DC or even Richmond would be a flight.  Third, I know that I am in no condition to run a fast time so why not just do a fun run?  Louisville, Kentucky has a race the previous week that is also on my list to do but it is a PR chance and I want to save it for when I am in top shape.  I do have the option to downgrade to the 10K if I really feel awful but I'd prefer not to do that.  I want my Virginia 10K to be the Richmond Monument Ave. which is a mega race similar to Peachtree but on a faster course with better weather.

Road Trip plan:
-leave work early on 4/24 and drive part way.  I'll probably be somewhere between Chattanooga and Knoxville then it will be a fairly easy drive the next day.
-After the race on 4/26, we are going to Lynchburg and Appomattox then Charlottesville.
-I'll take 2 days getting back and this time, I'll drive through Greensboro-Charlotte-Greenville on my way home.

Trip #2- Destination Halifax, Nova Scotia.  The Blue Nose Half Marathon is just an excuse to go.  I have always wanted to see the Atlantic Provinces of Canada.  The race course is not as tough as Roanoke but it is not a PR course either and has a killer hill in Mile 11.  Still, I hope to be in decent shape by then and want at least a respectable time (mid-high 1:30s)
Here's the plan:
5/15- I'll have to get up super early but it was the best available flight.  I'll land in Bangor, Maine at 3:38 PM after a connection in LaGuardia.  I thought about driving to Canada that evening but decided against it.  After 2 flights, I will be very tired.  Also, it will take time to get the rental car and I'll want a decent dinner.  There's nothing in between Bangor and the border town so I'll just spend the night in Bangor.  I have been to Maine before on a 2005 road trip but Portland was as far as I got.

5/16- The only downside to staying in Bangor is that the next day's drive could be tough.  The plan is to get to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, which is just over 6 hours away.  It's 2 hours to the border and I don't anticipate any major delays then about 1 more hour to St. John, New Brunswick.  I figure that will be a good lunch stop.  I'll also pass through Moncton before I reach the Confederation Bridge into PEI.  When I get to Charlottetown, I will treat myself to a seafood dinner and a brief night on the town.  It will be a very scenic route through lake country in rural Maine, the Bay of Fundy area in New Brunswick and I hear that PEI is beautiful as well.

5/17- If I get into Charlottetown later than expected, it's okay because I can take the morning to do a bit more touring.  It's only 3-3.5 hours to Halifax from there.  I want this day to be fairly relaxing.  I'll go to the expo and maybe check out a park.

5/18-Race day and drive back to the USA border going the alternate way through Fredericton (5.5 hours).

5/19- Easy 2 hour drive from Houlton, Maine back down to Bangor.  My flight does not leave until 4 PM so I have plenty of time.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

First quarter highlights

Raw stats were 5 wins and 7 losses with a 2.52 GPA and an odometer reading of 390.  Can't say that I am pleased with those numbers but I believe it's the best I've done since Q1-2013.
-Won my first 2 and my last 2 but lost 7 of 8 in between but if not for the hip injury, I'd have decent stats so far.
-Raced only once (Super Hero 5K) while technically still in rehab mode.  Finished in a slow time of 21:09 but it was good enough for 3rd in my age group and got to take home some hardware.
-5 major adjustments but I am left with the same formula that I was taking 3 months ago.  All adjustments can be explained by the medical report.
For any new readers, I was so bad at the end of 2013 due to multiple chemical sensitivity that I nearly gave up hope.  Fortunately, the Hulda Clark liver detox has been a miracle cure for that issue and I opened with 2 solid victories.

Adjustment #1- Adding back the Cal at the end of Week 2.  A common issue with the "hill pattern" on a medical report is decreased Calcium so it makes perfect sense.  My Cal had dropped from 30 to 23 on the medical report (ideal is 40).  It seemed to be working but early in Week 4, hip pain, which had been bothering me since December finally put me on the sidelines for the better part of 3 weeks.

Adjustment #2- Switching from Thym-Adren (adrenal suppressant) to Endodren (adrenal stimulator).  I wasn't running at the time but my energy was shot so badly that I didn't even need to run to know that an adjustment was needed.  This was a bad call.  Although it provided the symptom relief, it took my chemistry in the wrong direction.  The medical report revealed that the copper toxicity over-rode the fast oxidation symptoms.  Fortunately, I crashed after 12 days on it.

Adjustment #3- Switched from the Endodren to ADHS (modulator).  This is what I should have done for #2.  The ADHS is not as strong but will move your chemistry in the right direction regardless of which side of the spectrum you lie.  It was a very good sign that I could tolerate that stuff now because I could not do so before the detox.

Adjustment #4- Back to the Thym-Adren.  The medical report arrived and I knew that the copper toxicity was the problem.  Took some selenium and C briefly but those were just tweaks. This is key to get me back to balance.

Adjustment #5- Cut out the Cal again.  Back on the same formula as I was right after the detox.  Apparently, my Cal has risen to an acceptable level.  This should be a winner and if I am able to stay with it, I could be within the "normal range" by early May. 
EDIT: The Cal was NOT the problem after all.  It's too much Thym-Adren.  Will I have to detox again?  Will I be flooded with copper?  Will I have to switch to the modulator or can I clear the copper with C or selenium?

Second quarter preview:
I'm sticking to the same basic training formula:
-1 time trial or tempo
-1 short interval workout
-1 long run in the range of 12-15 miles
-3 easy runs at "comfortable pace"
Race plans:
-5K in Decatur next weekend.
-Hueytown 5K (local) on 5/10.
Neither of those are definite and I have yet to sign up for either.  I will pull out in the event of bad weather or feeling like crap.
-Blue Ridge half in Roanoke, Virginia (4/26)
-Blue Nose half in Halifax, Nova Scotia (5/18)
Both are confirmed but low-key.  Neither are PR courses and the race is just one of many things I will be doing on the trip.  I won't be too upset if I can't run these.  I just want to go.

Training 3/31-4/6 (race week)

3/31- I normally take off Monday in a race week but this time I really need to test how I feel without the Cal.  The plan is just an easy 3 and we'll see when I wake up in the morning.

PM- 3 mile double out and back on Jemison trail in a time of 24:07 (8:02 pace).  Very poor performance.  I recognized even before the run that the Cal was not the problem after all.  I was VERY overstimulated without it and was quite unproductive at work.  I took some extra Thym-Adren and was only slightly better..  Did the first 1.5 mile leg in 12:14 then took the Cal and managed an 11:53 on the back leg.  That's barely enough improvement to be statistically significant.  So if it's not the Calcium, what is the problem?  It's got to be too much Thym-Adren.  That raises a lot of questions and concerns.  I'm sure that my imbalances are still in the moderate range so if the dosage goes below 3, I'll have to detox again.  Will I get flooded with copper again?  Well, I know what to do if that does happen but it could be rough.
Grade:D+/1 credit/distance=3.0

4/1- COMPLETE COLLAPSE!  Opened with 4 Thym-Adren and hit Gold's for a Mile at standard effort.  I started off near 8:00 pace then ran each lap slower than the previous one and finished in 9:30.  Popped a 5th pill and was even worse!  Then, I took the normal Cal/Mag and stiffened up even more.  That leaves only one option left.  DETOX IS TOMORROW!  My last round was on 2/7 so figure I made it 7-8 weeks versus only 3 weeks after the first one.  Not too surprised this happened.  This does suck but at least it didn't happen on my Nova Scotia or Virginia trip.  There are still 2 big questions to be answered.  Will my system be flooded with toxic copper again?  If that answer is yes, I know not to touch the stimulator.  Can I take selenium and C with Thym-Adren or will I need the modulator?
Grade:F/1 credit/distance=1.5

4/2- Detox day.  No running.  I have ordered a product called GB-3, which I had looked into before.  It aids liver function and may prevent a copper overload.  Worth a try.  Race day is only 3 days away and I am questionable at best.

4/3- AM Detox was about as painless as I could expect but I haven't gotten out many stones. Yes, there are some but not nearly as many as last time.  Not sure what to make of that but at the end of the day, all that matters is being able to take Thym-Adren plus Cal/Mag.  That's what I need to get into balance.  We shall see what happens this afternoon.  Workout will be an easy run at Gold's with a toilet available every lap.  In other news, I have booked the Nova Scotia hotels.  Just like Dumb and Dumber, I'm really doing it now!

PM- I did have to go 2 more time in the afternoon and passed more stones but it still wasn't as much as last time.  I'm not sure if the detox was necessary or helpful this time around.  The Thym-Adren is NOT the problem after all.  It is the copper toxicity for sure.  I have 2 offsetting imbalances and when the copper toxicity takes over, it is the fatigue that will dominate.  The Thym-Adren is too strong so I've got to go with the modulator at least for the next week or so.  It's possible that the GB-3 will help and it's possible that the selenium will help as well so I hope to be back to the Thym-Adren after next week.  Yes, I did train today.  3 miles at Gold's in an overall time of 23:12 (7:44 pace).  Took off at 8:00 pace and held it through the first mile.  Then, I took some selenium and improved to 7:38-7:34 over the last 2 miles.  That is a statistically significant improvement.  The selenium STAYS in the formula.
Grade:C+/1 credit/distance=3.5

4/4- 5 mile tempo in 34:54 (6:59 pace).  Hard fought last mile in 6:42 to break 35.  1st half: 17:37, 2nd half: 17:17.  This is still about 2 minutes slower than my average at my peak but I get a decent grade because of the improvement over the past 2 days.  Today I went with the ADHS+ selenium.  I want to try the GB-3 as well as the molydenum.  The latter will also have to be ordered online.
Grade:B/2 credits/distance=5.0

4/5- Today my system rejected the selenium.  That's two times this has happened.  I do better on selenium for a few days then my system rejects it.  No idea why.  That is not good news.  This means that the GB-3 or molybdenum MUST work or I may never clear the excess copper.  Attempted to run long today and ran a steady 7:50 pace for about 4 miles then faded in Mile 5 then crashed in Mile 6.  I stopped the watch at 5 miles in 39:23 (7:53 pace) then walk/jogged another mile and caught a ride back to the Shak from Jennifer.  I will try to go long again tomorrow.
Grade:C-/1 credit/distance=6.0

PM- Took half a selenium and felt considerably worse.  This confirms that it won't work.  Zinc didn't work either and recently, Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid) didn't work either.  I don't have much confidence in the GB-3 because it seems to do the same things as the liver flush.  I have just 3 options left after the GB-3.  1) A different form of Vitamin C, 2) Molybdenum, 3) Manganese.  All 3 will increase tissue sodium BUT getting rid of the copper will lower it so I figure it's a zero sum effect.  If none of those work, I SHOULD be able to take the modulator long-term.  If that's the case, I will remain mild-moderately unbalanced.  I will not PR again but should maintain decent ability.

4/6- AM Manganese has failed.  I don't even need to run to know it.  Only 2 options remain.  GB-3 should arrive early next week.  Molybdenum will take longer.  The latter seems to be my best chance because it is specifically used to bind excess copper.  I may attempt a run this evening but it will be junk miles.

PM- Junk mile in 9:46 at Gold's.  Rubidium is another option if both the GB-3 and Molybdenum fail.
Grade:F/2 credit/distance=1.0

Weekly summary:
Worst non-injury week of the year.  Everything I tried failed.  'Nuff said.
Distance=20.0/ GPA= 11.3/8= 1.41
YTD: 410 miles.  Record: 5-8 with a 2.41 GPA

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Message #74-Persistence

Mark 9:26- The spirit shrieked, convulsed him violently and came out.

Genesis 32:26-But Jacob replied, “I will not let you go unless you bless me.”

Luke 18:7-8- And will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night? Will he keep putting them off?  I tell you, he will see that they get justice, and quickly.

In the weeks following my breakthrough after the liver cleanse, I suffered a hip injury and saw my energy flip from over-stimulation to fatigue and back. Fortunately, my latest medical report revealed the reason.  I had a hidden copper toxicity that was brought to the surface and such symptoms were to be expected as my body cleared out the excess.  I believe that I am back on track toward balance now and expect to be back to form, if not better, within a couple months.

Throughout our history and our personal struggles, we see that evil does not surrender its grip without a tremendous fight.  For example, as depicted in the movie Lincoln, we saw considerable resistance to the abolition of slavery even when Union victory was inevitable.  Drug addicts often relapse several times before finally becoming clean.  My friend Adam told me a story that he saw a drug user who convulsed violently and involuntarily for several seconds while receiving prayer.  My first thought was that sounds a lot like demon possession. Satan knows that he is over-matched by the power of God and that he is doomed to be cast into the lake of fire so why doesn’t he just quit?  Last weekend, I attended a worship event hosted by Dan Mohler, who shared a revelation on the subject.  Our enemy wants us to be as hopeless as him.
As for me, I have been put in 3 “hopeless situations” as follows:
-not knowing what was wrong with me
-knowledge of my condition but not how to treat it and being told that it was all emotional.
-knowing what was wrong and exactly how to treat it but my system rejected every pill that I tried.

Situation #3 looks pretty hopeless and it was where I was for much of 2013.  My friend Tyler told me that my calling is so high that the enemy will stop at nothing to prevent it from coming to fruition.  Remember that if you are under similar attack.  Mohler also shared another nugget of wisdom.  Since the enemy is the father of lies, if he tells you that you will never make it, it means that you certainly will.  If we can match Satan’s level of persistence, I believe that we will see a lot more of our dreams realized.  As I wrote in my first message back in 2007, God seems slow answer prayers but it is because his time frame is on another level.  He is never late but rarely early and you will see that the time of preparation was not in vain.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Training 3/24-3/30

3/24- I MADE IT!  5K time trial in 19:54 (6:23 pace).  Fastest time since 2012.  Splits were 6:18-6:27-6:28-41.  Little too fast early but maintained about a 5-7 second cushion most of the way.  The sub-20 was still in doubt up until about 300 to go and I left nothing to chance with a strong finish.  Cut off another 11 ticks from last week and am now within 41 of a PR.  This was just a stepping stone.  Improvements will not come so easily from here on out.  As recently as March of last year, I was capable of a sub-40 10K and am determined to get back there.
Grade:A-/2 credits/distance=4.0

3/25- Health screening at work today turned out well as usual.  BP was 122/82.  Weight: 160, Cholesterol: 151.  I am paper healthy and look fine on the outside.  Inside is another matter.  The workout was a standard issue run.  Easy 6 at Gold's in 45-flat (7:30 pace).  Slowed just a tad in Mile 6 only because I did not want to be under 7:30 overall.  Strong.
Grade:A-/1 credit/distance=6.0  

3/26- OUTSTANDING!  Trak Shak 7.5 in a comfortable 54:24 (7:17 pace).  Felt so much easier than last week's 7:24 pace.  Paces were a bit more variable this time depending on the terrain but all but Mile 1 was faster than last time.  Fell just 2 ticks short of seeing every mile below 7:30.  I hope this one does not come back to bite me.  I want a quality speed session and it will have to be done either tomorrow morning in the cold or inside on Friday because it will be stormy.
Grade:A/1 credit/distance=8.0

3/27- AM.  Chose to sleep in.  I'll bet Mountain Brook's track will be open this afternoon because it's Spring Break.  It's there or Friday morning at the gym.  I won't drive around for an hour.

PM- Salazar 300s at Vestavia.  10 reps in sets of 5 with an average of 56.8 then closed with a 32 second 200.  Even 5:00 pace overall.  #1 and #6 were 56 and the rest were 57 so that's some remarkable consistency.  Temp was in the upper 60s but I had to battle a 15 mph wind right in my face in the homestretch.   That probably cost me about a second per rep.  Overall, this was solid but not stellar.  I did improve 1.2 ticks per rep from a 58.0 to 56.8 since last Salazar workout.
An older couple asked me if I was a college athlete and could not believe it when I told them that I was 33 years old.  My speed is not what it was when I was 28 but these workout help rebuild it.
Grade:B+/2 credits/distance=3.0

3/28- Planned rest day.  Foot is sore again.  Could be the too flexible shoes (Lunar Racer) but most of it is likely due to insufficient magnesium.  My need for Mag has increased in recent weeks for sure.  I know that's related to copper toxicity but increased intensity of training plays a role as well.

3/29- Windy with drizzle outside with temps in the 50s so I decided to postpone the LR until tomorrow, which will be sunny and 60.  Good call.  I would have struggled in a long run but was okay for a standard issue workout.  Gold's 6 in 44:48 (7:28 pace).  Very similar to Tuesday's workout.  Slight fade in the 2nd half (22:16/22:32) and a bit of a tender Achilles.  May need to cut the Cal altogether. Need only a "D" tomorrow to win this week.

PM- Decidedly worse after taking the Cal.  Hopefully it will be out of my system by tomorrow because I took it at noon rather than the evening.  I've got to do something about this.  I don't think I can handle being off it completely.  I may take it only as needed or take half every day.  Man, I hate cutting pills in half.  I'd prefer to hold off the next detox until the middle of May or at least my next medical report.  Again, as long as I take the Magnesium and Thym-Adren, my chemistry will definitely move in the right direction.
Grade:B+/1 credit/distance=6.0

3/30- The Cal hasn't fully cleared and I was feeling it today.  Still, I improved my long run over last week.  Trak Shak 13 in 1:41:36 (7:49 pace).  That's better than the 10@7:57 that I managed last week but that's still just so-so.  In a race setting, I would not have been much below 1:40 for a half.  I did fade a bit in the second half (50ish-51:30ish) but 11 of 13 miles were sub-8 so there was no collapse.
Grade:B-/2 credits/distance=13.0

Weekly summary:
Another nice win.  2 in row now.  I have not won 3 straight since Weeks 9-11 of last year.  Again, the long run was the poorest showing of the week but I'm not racing a goal half until Fall anyway so I'd rather perform best in speed and tempo workouts at this stage.  I'm going to try to get by without the Cal.  That's the fifth major adjustment of the year.  Still far too unstable but again, I can deal with the occasional "C" workout, not the "D" and "F" workouts.  I'm planning on racing a 5K next week so there will be no tempo and the mileage will be low.
Distance=40.0/ GPA= 30.4/9= 3.38
YTD: 390 miles.  Record: 5-7 with a 2.52 GPA