Sunday, May 17, 2015

Zinc and copper sensitivity

No relief in sight.  If I go a few days without taking the Liver, my system will demand more copper.  If I do take the Liver for more than 2-3 days, my system will demand more zinc and the cycle repeats itself.  I'm still running the Asheville 10K in 3 weeks and I may actually pull out something semi-respectable if I time the pills perfectly.  A half marathon at this point would almost certainly be a Gallowalk finish well over 2 hours.  All I have to do is finish in 2 more states and I've got the Half2Run completed.

I've pretty much reverted back to where I was in Adrenal Fatigue where a good day was 2-3 miles at 8:00 pace and a bad day was a total inability to run.

It is clear that zinc and copper are the problems and the likely SNP that is causing it is SOD, which I attempted to treat twice unsuccessfully.

Obviously, I need professional help and the full hour phone consult will be on May, 18 after work.  There may be other tests involved and it may take 3 more weeks to get a full plan from the doc.  In the meantime, I have a couple of ideas for some temporary relief:

1. Lay off all zinc and copper and try a thymus supp without those minerals.  I had a pretty good run with Lithium in 2009-10 but it eventually trashed my thyroid.  Standard Process has a thymus based product without zinc or copper that may be worth a shot.  However, at the end of the day, I know that I'll end up deficient in both minerals if I take it long-term.

2. Increase methylation with TMG (trimethyl glycine).  That will be tricky.  I tried DMG earlier in the year and it did indeed solve the zinc/copper sensitivity but the sensitivity to the DMG was worse.  Perhaps minute doses will help.

3.  St. John's Wort for depression.  It does work on MAO issues but it's got at best a 50/50 chance of being helpful.  If my dopamine is too high as it is, it could make it worse.

If this does not work out, everything I've done since my recovery from Adrenal Fatigue, including the website with its devotionals, will be all for naught and I'll never be the same again.

Update #1- Tried the thymus alone and it failed.  Struggled to a 7:53 finish in a 1 Mile.  TMG is next.

#2- TMG is likely a failure as well.  2 miles in 15:13 and my splits were 7:17-7:56 and felt very over-stimulated.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What might have been/Aging

Let's take a look at some times in my best event in HS, which was the 800 meters:
-1:40.9- Current World Record set by David Rudisha
-1:45- Olympic hopeful
-1:50- Top collegiate runner.
-1:55- All-State in HS, Strong D-II or III runner but mid-back pack at a major D-I school.
-2:00-2:05 Top HS runner, Good D-II or III competitor but not good enough for D-I.
2:05-2:10- Wins most dual meets in HS and might place in a small invitational.  Competitive in D-II and D-III but near the back of the pack on a good team.
2:10-2:15- This was me in HS.  Will usually place in a dual meet but that's it.
2:15-2:20- Mid-pack in HS, usually good enough for Varsity and to participate in invitationals but will score few points and usually finish about 5th in a dual meet.
2:30- Competitive in HS.  By that, I mean you won't be dead last in a meet and you can train with the team but you won't even sniff the Varsity.

I had a best of 2:13 and averaged 2:15 by my senior year.  Even on a bad day, I was under 2:20.  That's why I say that being 5% off is a red flag that something is wrong.  At the professional level, it's the difference between a WR and failing to make the finals in the Olympics.

  I don't kid myself, I never had what it took to be a top collegiate runner even if I was healthy.  Still, given that I was still growing and hadn't filled out at all, I was certainly capable of further improvement.  Also, my pacing was poor with my 1st lap at least 5 seconds faster than my 2nd.  Given better coaching, pacing and natural growth, I believe that I could have averaged 2:05 in college but probably not broken 2:00.  I would not have been a star even on a D-2 team but certainly would have enjoyed the camaraderie of the team.  That's all in the past now and the only good that came out was that I never developed the arrogance that is common among elite runners.

Let's shift gears now.
I find it interesting that those who are the best in the world in their 20s and 30s are not the best in the Master's ranks.  The world's best 50 year olds usually were not the greatest in their 20s-30s.  While there are exceptions, the nation's top high school runners are rarely the best ten years later.

Anyone ever heard of Obea Moore?  I thought not.  He set national records in the 400 every year from age 10-17.  As a junior in HS, he clocked a 45.xx and raced against Michael Johnson in the '96 Olympic Trials.  He never improved beyond that.  Sadly, I heard that he never even competed in college because he didn't have the grades and it was rumored that he got messed up on drugs.  Still, if you look at age group record holders among say 13-14 year-olds, you won't find any that did anything at the professional level.  That's interesting to me and I often wonder why that is the case.  I'd say that in many cases, it is simply accelerated physical maturity and in the late teens-20s, others simply "catch up."  Burnout due to over training at a young age is also possible.

Growing up, I knew of the Christiansen running family.  One kid could break 20:00 for 5K at just 7 years old and by the time he was 9, he was in the 17s and he had a younger brother that did the same.  Neither one of them did anything major as an adult runner and the last I read, both did run in college but not at the D-I level.

If you keep running consistently as an adult, you should be able to maintain or slightly improve your HS Mile-5K time through your early 30s especially if you are not obsessed with the LSD of marathon training.  Your times at distances 10K and above should be better than you were capable of in HS.  In spite of my issues, I've fit that description.  

It is common that runners take a decade hiatus from running after HS them come back 10 years later when they are pushing 30.  Some are able to pick up right where they left off within a year or 2 even if they took up smoking during their hiatus.  Others struggle to match their 9th grade times despite steady training for several years.  Why is that?  It could very well be due to slower oxidation rates or activated genetic mutations.  I believe the world class Master's runners are blessed with better genetic material and they are only now training at a world class level.  It is commonly believed that world class fitness can only be maintained for 10-15 years before burnout sets in.  That may very well be true.

As for me, at 34, age related decline should be negligible if it even exists at all. Tulsa last November was my last race as serious runner.  Do I want to be competitive again?  Hell yeah!  I don't just love racing.  I love to train and push myself to improve.  I miss the camaraderie of the group runs and would really miss the travel to places that I would not normally visit.  That said, it's not why I am pursuing the genetic solution.  I just want to be free from this awful instability,  I want to have a few dates and eventually get married and would like to help raise a child or two.   That's more important to me than racing but as of now, it's not an option.  My health coach consult is on Monday the 18th after work so stay tuned.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Impact of genetic mutations on the rest of my life

I was hesitant to do this test because I feared it would lead to pessimism and fatalism.  It has.  Right now, my symptoms would qualify as full blown clinical depression and I don't believe there are any meds out there that can help me.
-SSRIs are bad for MTHFR mutations.
-SNRIs are bad for COMT issues.
-The only one that I might consider is MAO inhibitors such as Wellbutrin but at the end of the day, the chemical sensitivity is still there even if the drug is effective.  Moreover, the side effects and withdrawal symptoms could be severe.  I have a lot of other problems besides MAO issues so I'd really prefer not to go down that road.  It's a last resort.

I only did the genetic test when it became clear that I would never get in balance by following the hair test protocol alone.  Again, I wanted to see mutations because there had to be some explanation for this extreme sensitivity.  Based on everything that I have read, the symptoms arose as a result of a combination of a congenital vulnerability and environmental factors such as high stress, poor diet and prescription drug use.  I often wonder how things would have been different if I had never taken Accutane as a teenager.  I believe that by refusing to take it, the acne would have cleared in my early 20s but it would have only delayed the energy crash until early adulthood.   I was no champion before the crash.  I was a decent high school runner who could place in a duel meet but did nothing in a major invitation and I was also injury prone.  My body had some quirks from a very young age and even as early as elementary school, I had a sneaking suspicion that something might be wrong.

I expected a tough fight ahead when I got the results but I did not expect my system to reject treatments such as charcoal and yucca, as well as pretty much everything out there for CBS issues.  Some early success would have really been a nice confidence booster but as it is, I'm actually feeling worse overall that I was when I got the results at the end of March.  I MUST talk to the Health Coach.

My future:
  A few years ago, I said that I was undecided about children.  I am now firmly in the NO camp.  While I am sure that caring for an infant and a toddler is very rewarding, it is also VERY draining.  More importantly, now that I know that there is a genetic basis for my illness, my child would be vulnerable to the same issues that I have.  Seeing that happen knowing that it was my genetic defects that caused it would break my heart.

I turn 35 in September and that's generally considered the age that men have got to consider a woman that has been married before.  That's contrary to how I was raised but given my situation, I'm beginning to think that it may be for the best.  Birmingham is a better city for singles than Montgomery but it's still hard to find a woman much over 30 that has never been married.  I tend to relate better to people a few years older as well.  Helping raise 1 or 2 pre-adolescent children would be quite rewarding and I know that I would be a darn good stepfather to teenage boy.  I'll skip the diaper changing and "terrible 2s and 3s" as well.

Still that said, I would need to know who initiated the divorce and for what reason before I got serious with anybody.  I can think of several circumstances in which divorce and re-marriage are acceptable:
-Abuse (physical or emotional)
-Adultery (that's obvious)
-Drug use, alcoholism or any other compulsive behaviors such as gambling addiction.
-If you got dumped for no good reason such as a medical problem, I won't hold that against you because it could have very easily happened to me.
I would still be very leery about it if it was due to arguments about money or so called "irreconcilable differences"  and I believe in a waiting period of at least 1 year for dating and 2-3 for re-marriage.
I have talked to my mother about this and she's disappointed but understands.  Of course, none of this matters as long as I am sick.

My faith:
 I'm sorry to report that I have lost all enthusiasm.  I'll never walk away but right now I'm just a garden variety church go-er.  I'm done with devotionals and Bible study until further notice. It's not just my situation that is the problem.  I've read so many reports of sick children too.  There are genetic diseases that have no known cure and it's hard to square that away with a loving God. When it comes to mutations related to detox and methylation, it's treatable but very hard to beat and it does not seem like I'm getting any help from the Great Physician.

  Countless times, I felt like I was on the verge of a full recovery and I actually met my 3 most important long-term running goals.  I called it the trifecta, which included my HS 5K PR, a sub-40 10K and a sub-90 half marathon.  I fell short in the 400, Mile and Marathon but given all the right ingredients, the potential was there.  However, the symptom free periods were nothing more than an illusion and it became painfully clear that balance would never happen unless I addressed my genetics.  That's devastating.  My demands are far from unreasonable.  I just want stable chemistry that will allow me to enjoy life.  I don't even care about PRs anymore.  In fact, I'd actually enjoy the running community more if I was a little slower than I was at my peak because more people will match my pace.

One piece of good news:
I got a promotion at work and am now a Revenue Examiner II.  It will require more work and more responsibility but the pay raise is significant and it does not require longer working hours.  The only real downside is that my standards of evaluation will be tougher.  I won't turn down the promotion but I am afraid of running into trouble at work if my health does not improve soon.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Training 5/4-5/10

It has become painfully clear that I MUST talk to the Health Coach.  I don't mind paying the money but I had better get top notch service in return and I will not play the "buy supps from me or else" game.  The CBS/NOS product is a NO!  I cannot even take a quarter of a pill without a reaction and the zinc/copper sensitivity is BACK WITH A VENGEANCE!  A quarter of a liver pill is not enough but half is too much.  I simply cannot manage this on my own.

I have ordered another SOD supplement and a product called Butyrate for ammonia issues.  I'm also looking into an ammonia blood test.  Needless to say, all my emotional strength is gone.

5/4- Horrible has become the norm as of late.  2 miles in 16:50 with splits of 7:53-8:57.

5/5- Took a quarter of a liver pill and improved to 15:26 with even splits.  If I had taken half ....

5/6- Slightly better.
AM- 2 miles in 14:57 but faded badly at the end.
PM- Trak Shak 3 in 22:20 (7:27 pace) but this time, I kept the pace even

5/7- A better with or without test with 5-Methyl Folate and I failed it.
AM- 1 mile in 7:30 and fading at the end.  Popped half a pill and was MUCH worse.
PM- Got some clearance.  2.5 on Lakeshore in 19:40 (7:52 pace) but this time, it was evenly paced.
4 miles on the day and so far, 13 on the week.

5/8- Canterbury 4 in 29:52 (7:28 pace) with a slight negative split.  Not half bad today.  I took half a Liver pill and tolerated a bit of taurine.  I'm not touching any MTHFR support or CBS/NOS until further notice.  I want to try the Butyrate tomorrow and I want to see where I stand with the blood ammonia test.

5/9- Attempted the BTC group run and ended up with another walk of shame.  Held a sub-8 pace for 2 miles then crashed and called it a day after 3 miles in 25:57 (8:39 pace) with a 3rd mile over 10 minutes.  Tacked on another junk mile in the evening and felt no better.  Filled out the form for the Health Coach consult and I could have my appointment as early as next week.

5/10- This is NUTS!  It was another better with or without test.  Led off with a comfortable 7:18 mile then tried butyrate (for ammonia) and had seen enough with a 4:32 over the next half mile (9:04 pace) then took a SOD pill and improved to 3:38 (7:16 pace).  Walked a lap then ran a 3rd mile in 7:39.  Butyrate is a NO so that means I have exhausted every option for CBS.  They all failed but the SOD is a success and may help the copper sensitivity.

Totaled 24 miles.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mutation update

Yet another HORRIBLE week.  Totaled just 11 miles and only 1 of which was at sub-8 pace.

Despite the fact that the customer service from Dr. John, the Health Coach, has been marginal at best, I've decided to bite the bullet and pay the $250 for the full hour consult.  If nothing else, it may prevent me from wasting more money on supplements that don't work.  I will send his assistant my genome and say that I expect him to study my case BEFORE the consult.

Current status:
Once again, the Liver pill is giving me fits.  Just last week, I was getting a nice boost from taking Nutricology's Liver Beef.  I was a good 30 seconds faster per mile than before taking it.  Now, I am AWFUL if I take it and signs point toward going back to the Thym-Adren yet my ceruloplasmin is still almost certainly sub-optimal.  The cycle will repeat itself if changes are not made and the shift will be sudden.  One day, I'll be okay (not good) and the next will be awful despite taking the same pills.  Do I take about a quarter of a Liver pill every day or take a full pill 2x/week?  I want to try the quarter option to achieve more stability.  I know the reason is probably the SOD mutation but it seems that I can't do anything about that until I address the CBS/NOS.

Reaction to CBS/NOS:
 VERY sensitive.  If I take more than about a third of a pill, I won't only have fatigue, malaise and depression.  I'll get headaches and a rash.  Then, about 12 hours after taking it, I'll have a sudden need to defecate and often walk away feeling better. (Tried to be as tasteful as possible).  Supposedly, tolerance will increase with time as it has with the B-12 and All in One.  That's my strategy for the next month.  I'll race the 10K in North Carolina to complete that milestone and don't care at all about my time.  If that fails, it's 4 weeks of inactivity.  Either way, I'm likely OUT for Peachtree.
Then, I will suffer through 2 more half marathons to complete the Half 2 Run challenge;
9/12- Montour Trail in PA (state #24)
10/31- Spinx Run Fest in SC. (state #25)
  If I am not MUCH better by the end of October, I will officially retire from racing but will continue to do light running as tolerated.  At this point, I don't even care about setting PRs or even racing at all.  I just want to solve this awful chemical imbalances and sensitivity.  If I could trade my right leg for freedom from this disease, I would do it and I'm dead serious too!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Training 4/20-4/26

4/20- I feel a little better than yesterday now that I know that ADHS was NOT the culprit after all.  I still need more methyl donors to tolerate it.  The problem is Yasko's nucleotide product.  Yes, I was too aggressive with it but even at small doses, it was ineffective.  A new CBS+NOS product will arrive today.  This morning was another better with or without test with ADHS.
2 pills- 1/2 mile in 4:23
4 pills- 1/2 mile in 3:50
6 pills- 1/2 mile in 3:21

PM- The CBS/NOS supplement is a NO.  I did not even have to run to find out.  Is it the wrong treatment or is it a detox reaction?  If I had to guess, it's the latter.  I've had headaches and stinky poo after taking CBS products.  I also learned that I still can't tolerate the MTHFR supplement.  Workout was a half mile naked parking lot junk run.  I'll have to lay off it a while and re-introduce it at minute doses later in the week.

Other questions:
Will the additional All in One allow me to take Thym-Adren?  I could not take much ADHS without it but will it have the same impact on the Thym-Adren tolerance.

Do I take the full consult with the Health Coach for $250?  I still haven't gotten the recording or a reply to my e-mail.  If I don't get the customer service that I want, I can take my business elsewhere. I found a doctor online based in Nashville that is private and doesn't take insurance.  My first visit will cost about $300 plus gas and lodging.  I could just keep trying to figure it out on my own for $0 but I will likely to continue to waste money on supplements that don't work.

The only way to find out for sure if I need CBS treatment is to do a urine test for ammonia and taurine.  That will cost over $300 and I'll have to re-test again.  OUCH!  I am in okay financial shape but I really feel for patients who are too sick to work and cannot afford these tests.  I've donated in a few cases and will do it again.

4/21- AM- Hard fought 2 miles at Gold's in 15:19 (7:40 pace) and did manage fairly even splits (7:37-7:42) running nearly all out.  That's still BAAAUHD!

PM- Lakeshore 5 in 38:36 (7:43 pace).  I was determined to finish the 5 no matter what.  This is as good as you'll see out of me lately.  Faded in the 2nd half (19-19:36).  Never tired but no power at all.

4/22- Tempo.  Trak Shak 5 in 35:53 (7:11 pace).  Started strongly with a pair of 6:55s then faded to the 7:20 range but I was able to hold it there.  The difference on the day was the Liver Beef supp.  That stuff was poison for me before addressing methylation but it's the 2nd time in recent memory that I got a boost from it.  I need to take it more often.  I still need to see how the Thym-Adren works on 2 All in One and if I can tolerate a trace of the CBS/NOS.  A rare good day overall.

4/23- Added glutathione and tolerated it well.  That means that I could probably tolerate the SOD supplement.  I'll give that a try next week.  Workout today was a 5K indoors in 21:16 (6:49 pace).  11 seconds better than last time.  That's not significant but it's better than nothing.  Performance was about on par with yesterday overall.  Splits were 6:39-6:55-6:56-46.  Tried some Thym-Adren, which failed.  That's okay.  I can take the ADHS, which is better for the SOD anyway but may not be as effective for the fast oxidation.  I may try the liver without the zinc tomorrow.  Did a long cool to record a total of 4 miles on the day.

The Health Coach had his ASSISTANT e-mail me and it told me nothing.  Genes can interact with each other to cause sensitivity.  I already knew that.  For the time being, I'll save the $250 and try to figure this out myself.

4/24- Travel day to visit my parents.  Planned rest.

4/25- 3 mile trail run by the creek.  Finished in 21:54 (7:18 pace) which looks pretty solid on the surface but it was weak overall.  Started with a strong 14:09 split for 2 miles then slipped to 7:45 and had to rally for the sub-22 finish.  Took the liver with glutathione and no extra zinc before the run and was not pleased with the result so I popped a zinc afterwards and got worse.  I will be adding more liver for the time being.

4/26- 4 miles was all I had time for today but I showed improvement with a time of 28:20 (7:05 pace) and this time, I didn't die at the end.  I actually managed a slight negative split.  Lately, I've been getting out of breath early and the same thing happened today.  Perhaps I am getting my heart rate up, which is a good thing.

Totaled 25 miles on the week.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Health Coach/Latest news

I did the initial consultation on Monday.  I liked him well enough.  He listens but it's difficult to get a simple straight answer to a question.  That may be because no simple answer exists.  There are thousands of genes out there that can affect your health and many of them interact with each other.  He says that he has experience with lots of complex cases including advanced cases of cancer treated without chemo.  He said that only 25% of genetic defects cannot be resolved but 75% can.  I'll take a 75% improvement.  I am expecting to receive a recording of our initial consult and a brief reply to an e-mail.  If I don't receive that, I'm saving the $250 and will try to fight this on my own.

Right now, my most pressing concern is the CBS mutation, which impacts the trans-sulfur pathway and defects will cause a buildup of toxic ammonia.  This defect must be addressed first before any MTHFR action can be taken.

-I need to change my breakfast and cut out the normal protein bar because it can cause more sulfur buildup.
-I must strictly avoid any sulfur containing products such as taurine and glutathione.
-I will continue with Yasko's nucleotide product and have ordered another product for both CBS and NOS.
-NOS mutations make CBS issues worse and my NOS issue is worse than the CBS.
-I also have GAD mutations, which suggest that I NEED taurine.  THAT is at least one of the reasons why it has been magic some times and poison at other times.
-I've had to switch from Thym-Adren back to ADHS and endured 4 HORRIBLE days while I waited for it to arrive.  Thym-Adren contains garlic, which is also on the forbidden list.
-The ADHS contains more manganese, which may be good for the SOD mutation
-I'm giving this plan until the end of May.

I've repeated this over and over but symptoms often have nothing to do with your attitude or even your external circumstances.  It's all about your chemistry.  The only thing that could potentially work for me is Wellbutrin, an MAO inhibitor.  I do have the MAO mutation so yes, it may help but it's highly unlikely that it's the key to success.  At the end of the day, I still have a myriad of other imbalances that an MAO inhibitor can't help and there is a possibility of nasty side effects.  I'll consider it in June but would really prefer not to go down that road.

At this point, I really don't care about racing.  I just want to solve this awful instability.  I'm semi-retired with just 3 races left on the must do list.  I remain determined to finish the 10K and Half marathon challenge.  My last scheduled race is not until the end of October in Greenville, SC.  If it doesn't work out, that will probably be my last race though I will continue to do some light running as tolerated.

4/15- 2 miles in 19:45 (9:53 pace).  B-2 FAILED.  The MAO defect makes this enzyme over-active, not under-active so the B-2 made that worse.

4/16- Slightly better.  Same 2 miler at Gold's and my time is down to 17:26 (8:43 pace).

4/17- AWFUL.  1 Mile in 8:34.  Even splits and no worse after taking the CBS nucleotide product.  The problem is the ADHS.  6 pills are too many.  Why?  It's a modulator.  I should be able to take as much as I want.  It could be detox or being in balance makes me feel worse because of the mitochondrial and ATP issues are messed up.

4/18- Cut the ADHS from 6 pills to 4 and did improve as a result.  I felt AWFUL without the ADHS so I know I still need it but 4 is still too much.  Finished 3 miles in 24:55 (8:19 pace).  Pace remained in the 8:20 range all the way and rallied in the last 2 laps to get under 25.  I should be a bit better on 3 pills and I expect the CBS/NOS pills will arrive by Monday.  Good news was that my heart rate was a bit higher today

4/19- Why should I even try anymore?  Woke up feeling awful so I took the ADHS and it took me too far in the opposite direction.  Then, I took the All in One.
Result:  Cutting the ADHS from 4 pills to 3 helped a bit but it was not a significant improvement.  Came through 1 Mile in 7:43 and likely would have been near 24 for 3 miles.  Stopped for water and a 2nd All In One pill and the over stimulation kicked in HARD.  Got through Mile 2 in 7:38 then popped a 4th ADHS and improved to 7:15.  Seems like I'm improving right?  Wrong.  Took 2 more ADHS and got worse again.

Weekly total: 11 miles.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Training 4/6-4/12

The training posts will resume but I am not grading anything until further notice.

4/6- Unplanned rest day.  Bad reaction to the SOD supplement.  This doesn't mean that I don't need to support it.  I likely need it with manganese and without glutathione.

4/7- AM- Spain Park Mile on a whole B-12 pill.  Finished in 6:13 running all out but my pulse rate was only 136, which is a full 50 points below the max.  Until I get that max up, I don't expect significant improvement.  Splits were 90-93-99-91.  I let up some in the 3rd lap because I knew I'd be over 6 but rallied in the last 200 to secure the sub-6:15.

The good news is that I don't think the whole B-12 hurt me at all.  After this one, I was more daring by taking a 2nd All In One.  I managed a 2:58 for an 800 so I don't think that hurt me either.  That is excellent news!  Before I started the B-12, I could not tolerate 1.5 All in One.  This should really help my detox and sensitivity issues.

PM- Canterbury loop.  Garmin time was 29:48 for 4 miles (7:27 pace) plus another half mile at roughly the same pace.  I had to cut it short by 0.5 miles because of an "extreme emergency" that's got to be a detox reaction.  Good day overall.
Distance= 6.5

4/8- Step backward but that's okay.  I was fine on 2 All in One pills yesterday but had a bit of a negative reaction to a 3rd one.  I'm going to stay with 1 of those but I am pleased that I was able to handle more without a complete collapse.  Today was Trak Shak day.  Finished the 3.5 mile loop in a time of 27:02 (7:43 pace) with very even splits.  It seems like B12 will protect against too much All in One.  Will All in One protect against too much B-12?  I intend to find out this weekend.
I've read again that CBS must be addressed first.  I'll continue with occasional Liver and picked up some Yucca.  I know that I can't take orinthine or arginine because of the NOS mutation.  My best hope may be Yasko's Ammonia RNA but I want to talk to the Health Coach first because it costs $85.  I don't expect that the 5-MTHFR will do much good yet but the NADH might.

4/9- Only slightly better than yesterday.  Gold's 3 in the morning.  Finished in 22:14 (7:25 pace) with a mild fade at the end but did manage to keep it at 7:30.  Pulse was around 110 both yesterday and today, which is not even in the target range for an easy GA workout.
Yucca- Too much too soon.  Sluggish on a whole pill.  Half is probably okay.
NADH- Probably didn't hurt me but it was not the miracle that I hoped for.
5-MTHFR- Much too strong.  Need to avoid until I get the CBS fixed.

I have ordered the initial 10 minute intro consult with the Health Coach
-Probably should pull the trigger on the Ammonia RNA and take a chance on the $85.
-Urine still smells very strongly of sulfur and ammonia.

4/10- 2 miles at Gold's in 14:59 (7:30 pace).  Not a surprise that I was weak.  The 5-MTHFR has not cleared yet.  Strangely, I got off to a good start (7:11) but it was downhill from there and my last half mile was over 4.  I'm going to get up early tomorrow but unless I really feel good, I'm skipping the BTC social.

4/11- BAD DAY.  Unplanned rest day and had to skip the social.  Put a Yuck sign on the Yucca because it won't work.  This really upsets me because according to my genetics, it should work.  Thym-Adren contains garlic, which is a no-no if you have CBS.  I've got to switch to ADHS, which I could not tolerate earlier.  Now, I do think I can tolerate it.

-Ordered the anti-ammonia drops but am unsure if it will work.  Must stay off any excess methyl and garlic for the next 4 weeks.
-Initial phone consult with the health coach (Dr. John) is on Monday.

4/12- BAD,  1 mile junk run was all I could do.

Total= 16 miles.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Weekly summary (3/30-4/5)

Finished with 26 miles on the week, which I believe is my highest total since Arizona.  I have a bit clearer picture of my DNA results now and some idea of what to do about the supplements.  A few comments about my training this week:
- Managed to finish just 3 of my planned workouts but they were pretty decent.
- Lakeshore 5 in 37:08 (7:26 pace) and finished with a pulse rate of only 120.
- 5 K time trial in 21:27 (6:55 pace)
I'm resetting my PRs so I'll count that 5K.

I had no days in which I could not finish a single mile under 9 but 3 of my workouts sucked pretty bad.  I showed up at 2 groups runs and embarrassed myself both times.
Wednesday: Could not finish the 3 Mile Trak Shak loop.  Ended the workout after 2 miles in 16:50 followed by the walk of shame.
Saturday: Crashed 3 miles into a planned 8-10 with a group in which I felt pretty good for the first 2.
Turned around and managed to salvage 4 @ sub-8.

Reactions to supplements:

-Thym-Adren- Continuing to trend down.  Now feel best on 3-4 pills and if I take an extra one, I'll notice the ill-effects but it will not be debilitating.  That might make some sense.  If my downward trend projection is correct, my tissue sodium is down to the upper 30s.  Assuming that my magnesium is still good, that's a pretty good balance.  Why don't I feel good?  It's got to be the methylation/mutations or toxic metals.

Ribose- This is good stuff.  It's intended to fix damaged DNA and I often feel a bit better after taking it.  I just put a spoonful in my drink and don't even taste it.

All in One- Still on 1 of those pills.  Neither more nor less and am afraid to try any more.  I have to take it in the morning because it will wear off at night.  If I take it in the evening, it will wear off before work is over.

Methyl Folate- My tolerance has improved to 200 mcg and I've ordered some more.  We shall see if I can tolerate it.

Zinc/Copper- Again, tolerance has improved and if I take the liver more often, it may improve my tolerance to taurine.

Review of the mutations:
-Single homozygous on MTHFR
-Compound hetero on CBS, COMT and VDR
-Homo on MTRR
-Double homo on SOD, NOS, NDUFS

The word on the street is that CBS must be addressed first.  I think I am making progress there.  Zinc and copper may have allowed me to tolerate small amounts of taurine.  I tried Orinthine (sp?) which didn't work but maybe I went too fast and would have been okay on half a pill.  I'll explain later.

COMT- Need B-12, specifically the hydroxy version.  Methyl B-12 won't work and Cyano will be ineffective.  The complication is that I must go VERY slowly.  I opened with 2 of those on the first day (Wednesday) and as I've said, I was AWFUL.  I took it down to a half pill the next day and was MUCH better but once again, a WHOLE pill was too much.

VDR- Not worried about that at all.  I'm taking D-3 with my Cal/Mag already with good results.

MTHFR- Jury is out on this one.  The new 5-MTHFR folate will arrive next week.  We'll see how well I can tolerate it.

MTRR-  This one may very well be my biggest thorn.  According to this, I NEED methyl B12 yet I cannot tolerate it.  Perhaps that will change after I fix the COMT.

SOD- Same song as the COMT.  I had a bad reaction to the SOD supplement but again, it seems that if I cut up the pill into halves, I'll be okay.

NOS- Not sure what to do on this but the word is that it makes the CBS worse.  That makes sense.

NDUFS- This mutation weakens the mitochondrial function and ATP production.  Perhaps the fast oxidation was compensation for this weakness.  Based on my latest half mary, the 5@7:26 should have been an all out effort but my pulse rate was just 120 (65% of my max).  That means that it was nothing more than an easy GA run. So, again and again and again I say, my workouts were NOT too fast.  My race times were weak in comparison to my training because I just could not access the top gear in a race.

Next week's plan:
I want to see if I can tolerate Orinthine, more MTHFR, a small amount of NADH for the NDUFS.  Lastly, I will try to bump up my All in One, which could very well allow me to tolerate more of the other stuff.  I want to see how it works before I talk to the health coach.

The training log posts are still on hiatus but I expect to resume that soon.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Preliminary thoughts on DNA results

Let's start with some definitions and meanings that y'all may remember from Biology class.
Homozygous- both copies of the gene are mutated.  Enzyme is 70% defective.
Heterozygous- one normal copy, one mutated.  Enzyme is 30% defective.
Compound Heterozygous- multiple alleles.  In both alleles, one normal and one mutated.  50% defective.

ACE- Heterozygous.  Impacts sodium retention.  Surprised this was not homozygous but it's a pleasant surprise.  This suggests that I am genetically suited to middle distance running, which I already knew.

MTHFR- Homozygous on 677, which is the worst mutation to have.  Not a surprise given what's going on.  The 1298 allele is normal however so it could be worse.

COMT- Compound hetero.  I feared the worst on the one and I suppose hetero cases respond better to treatment.  This one likely affects my zinc/copper and methylation.

CBS-Compound hetero.  I expected this.  The mutation is responsible for the taurine issues.  In the past, taurine has been both a life saver and a nightmare.

VDR- Compound hetero.  This one affects Vitamin D metabolism.  My Cal supp contains D so it may have impacted the Cal/Mag sensitivity.

DETOX path-
Overall, this one looked pretty good.  One mutation that stuck out was a double homozygous result on SOD 2.  There is evidence that suggests that this one is preventing me from reaching my max heart rate.  That makes a LOT of sense to me.  I don't wear a heart rate monitor but I'm sure that when I was cranking out sub-7:30 workouts with ease, my heart rate was indeed fairly low.  The workouts were NOT too hard.  I often under-performed in races because I just could not access the top gear needed to get up to 185 BPM.  It's like stripping an 8 cylinder engine down to 6.  If I can fix this one, it could be HUGE. 

NOS- Homozygous here as well and I just read that can make the CBS issues worse.  That makes sense too.

Still premature to say how this will impact the rest of my life.  I'll know a lot more after I talk to a health coach.

Early plan:
-I'm going to try to increase my folate to fight the MTHFR.  My diet is a bit deficient in greens.  I will need 5-Methyl folate if I can tolerate it.

-Ordered B12 in the correct form (Hydroxyl rather than methyl or cyano).  This form is well tolerated by those with COMT issues.  I already know I can't take the methyl.

-Ordered a SOD supplement.

-Picked up some Ribose.  Evidence suggests that my mitochondrial function is poor as is my ATP production.

-Stay with AllinOne for general detox support.

-Stay with Cal/Mag+Thym-Adren for fast oxidation.

In the last 2 years, I have improved my Mag and copper status, which are critical minerals for energy production yet I've gotten worse.  It could be that my extreme fast oxidation compensated for weaknesses in ATP and mitochondrial function.

Methylation status:
I remain very sensitive to methyl donors but I cannot know for sure my methylation status until I do a whole blood histamine test, which is not available on Request a Test.  The cause of the sensitivity could be over-methylation, the mutations or toxic metals.

Another rant about doctors:
Homocysteine, which was the only lab value flagged in 2005, is more dangerous to the cardiovascular system than cholesterol yet my MD totally dismissed it.  Given that I have the MTHFR defect, I'm sure it's still high.  He also said that it was easily treatable with a B-complex.  WRONG!  Most cheap B complexes do more harm than good.  In particular, folic acid is terrible for the MTHFR defect.  It's got to be 5-methyl folate.  COMT patients have trouble with B6 especially if tissue calcium is low.  Also, most B12s are cyano, which contains a toxic molecule of cyanide.  BAD stuff.  The MD also said that since Bs are water soluble, they can't hurt you because you just pee out the excess.  Why did my whole body stiffen up within minutes of taking the B6?